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Asky Moves is the Best Removalist in Melbourne

Fuel levy | Removalist Companies Melbourne

Asky Moves, one of the best removalist in Melbourne, have the well trained staff and the most advanced  moving equipment, we also have the best reasonable way to caculate the cost for you reference:

From the time Asky Moves start at your place to the time we finish + Fuel levy (Based on Box hill, VIC. 3128).

  • Within 15kms = $15 flat rate on top.
  • Within 25kms = $25 flat rate on top
  • Within 35kms = $45 flat rate on top
  • More than 35kms call for price


Example: Moving Melbourne city to Hawthorn, 4 T truck + 1 man working 2 hour.
Cost = $60* 2 hour + $25 fuel levy =$145 in total.

  • Stair fees $10/hour per floor (if any)

  • All prices include GST.

  • We charge half an hour increment after two hours minimum services.


  • There is surcharge 2% for Visa or MasterCard.

  • Payment must be finished on the completion of job.

  • All of prices include: Public Liability Insurance.

Cancellation Policy | Cheap Removalist Melbourne

As one of the cheap removalist in Melbourne, we provide convenient cancellation service for our customers:

• Cancellations made more than 48 hrs prior to the scheduled moving will be free of any charges.
• Cancellation of a booked job in less than 48 hrs from the scheduled moving will be result in non-refundable deposit.
• Cancellations on the day we will charges min two hours.

Payments | Removalist Companies Melbourne

Asky Moves, the most professional removalist company in Melbourne, offers our customers:

• All payments must be paid at the completion of the moving at the destination unless alternate arrangements have been made at the time of making the booking.
• It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure adequate funds are available before the job has been completed, to avoid additional hourly charges.
• Payments for Toll and any Parking Infringements issued due to client’s negligence must be paid with all dues.
• We do not accept American credit card/debit card payments.
• We have the right to demand payment, before we unload the goods from the truck if the customer fails to cooperate with the removalist .
• In case of non payment for our services, we reserve the right to seize some of the goods delivered.
• In case of seizure of goods due to non-payment or dispute, storage charges would be applicable.
• In case of non payment of outstanding amount by the due date, we reserve the right to sell the possessed goods to recover costs of our services, after 14 days from the date of the move.
• All late payments will be charged at $25 per day from the day next to the date of the move.
• Incase of non-payments, debt collection procedures will be followed. The customer will be liable to pay additional 25% of the amount to be recovered, charged by the debt collection agency.
• All jobs continuing or starting after 5 PM are PREPAID only.

Insurance | Removalist Companies Melbourne

• We carry Public Liability Insurance for all our Removal Services. This insurance covers damage that may occur to building due to our movers’ negligence.
• Incase of damage claims up to $500, we have the right to repair or compensate as per the assessed value. And in that case, no insurance claims will be entertained.
• Incase of any such incidental damage that may occur, if the insurance claim is higher than $500, the customer is liable to pay excess fee of $500 in order for the claim to processed by our insurance provider.
• We are not liable for the damage claims, other than mentioned on the job completion certificate or reported after the job completion certificate has been signed by the customer.
• No insurance claims will be processed until complete charges of the service availed and excess fees have been paid to Asky Moves
• We are not liable for damages during the move, whenever a customer/3rd party is helping move the goods other than Asky moves associates or sub-contractors.
• Where customer is helping, we are not liable for the any damages, and no insurance claims will be entertained.
• All the damage claims have to be brought to the notice of MCR Associates at the time of the move, before they leave the drop off address after job completion. No claims whatsoever will be entertained thereafter.
• All glass or items of brittle nature to be moved at “owners own risk”, and no damage claims for such items will be entertained by us.
• It is the customer’s responsibility to mention the damages in the job completion certificate. Damages not mentioned in the job completion certificate, will not be entertained by us thereafter.
• There is will be no insurance/damage of any sort of claims entertained in case we have not moved the stuff.

• There is will be no insurance/damage of any sort of claims entertained in case we have not moved the stuff.

If you want to know more or do not fully understand the above terms and conditions, feel free to give us a call or drop us an email.