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Pool Table Removalists Melbourne

To dismantle Piano and remove in other places requires specific technique to safely pack and move.

Piano and Pool Table Removalists Melbourne

At Asky Moves, we know how important your cherished piano or pool table is to you. Whether you want to move your piano to a concert venue or your pool table to your new residence, our pool table movers in Melbourne are here to help.

Our pool table removal specialists are fully trained and well-equipped to relocate your piano safely and securely. With over 28 years of experience in removals, we provide reliable, professional and affordable service.

Trusted Piano and Billiard Table Removals in Melbourne

Billiard tables are heavy, large and awkwardly shaped. Their cloth surface can be damaged easily when exposed to sharp edges. A piano too is large, heavy and cumbersome. A piano can weigh anywhere from 135 kgs to 550 kgs.

Pianos and billiard tables are delicate and require care and attention to detail when being moved. We can ensure your beloved piece of equipment arrives at its destination without any scratches or dents.

That’s where our piano removal specialists can help. Over the years, we’ve moved hundreds of pool tables, billiard tables, and pianos. Whether you want it placed upstairs, in the basement or in your garage, we’ve got you covered.

We offer the following piano and billiard table moving services:

  • Local piano moving
  • Long distance billiard table removal
  • Pianos and billiard tables of all sizes
  • Packing and disassembly
  • Piano and pool table reassembly
  • Storage

Why Hire Our Professional Pool Table Movers

Most billiard and pool tables will have to be partially disassembled to make the transport possible. This calls for a specialist who has the knowledge, skill, and experience in disassembling and assembling a billiard table.

The specialist will also offer additional care and attention to detail.

Here are some of the reasons to consider hiring a billiard moving service for your relocation:

  • Our movers can remove the legs from your billiard table.
  • We can safely manoeuvre the heavy piece of equipment through the house on the right sized trolley and lift it into the truck with the help of a hydraulic hoist.
  • We will secure the piano or billiard table in our truck for safe transportation.
  • We will safely remove it from the truck and reassemble it in your new home.
  • Older pianos and billiard tables are susceptible to damage and require careful handling. We can move them without causing any damage.
  • Pianos are unbelievably heavy and bulky. If you think you can move them with the help of friends and family, think again. Moving these behemoths is no joke. It can cause severe back injury.
  • You get a reduced price on piano and pool table removal with a full house move.
  • We are fully licensed and insured, which assures you of complete peace of mind.

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Asky Moves is the removal company to call when you want to move your cherished billiard table or piano across Melbourne and Victoria. We offer an affordable, reliable and friendly service.

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