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Packing tips for house moving

Packing tips for house moving

It’s always a good idea to hire professionals to help you move large pieces like furniture. But you might prefer to do the packing yourself as it can be the most cost- efficient way to go.

So, here are some packing tips for your home removal and to make your life that little bit easier.

Start Early

  1. Start planning for your home removal at least 6-7 weeks in advance. Things that you won’t need, like decorations, out of season clothing, can be packed first.
  2. Schedule pickups and drop-offs in advance (or sell on eBay) so that you won’t be scrambling when the time comes.
  3. Leave everyday essentials until right before your home removals.
  4. Remember to change your address prior to moving.

Be Organised

  1. Label your removal boxes with your name, address (e.g. 1 Keys Street, Melbourne), and what’s inside (e.g. kitchenware, books). Also write on boxes to let the movers know whether the content is heavy or fragile.
  2. Use coloured tapes to remember which boxes belong in which rooms.
  3. Numbering all removal boxes, especially for interstate removals. Your removalist or you yourself would know if a number is missing. And you will be able to find it quickly.
  4. Furniture is usually the heaviest, take it apart prior to removals if possible.
  5. Clean your new home or new office before moving.
  6. Hiring a truck with enough storage space. It’s better to have some spare place than having to make more than one trips.

Be Safe

  1. Cover the openings of liquids with plastic wrap; it would prevent them from spilling or leaking.
  2. Insulate the boxes that are filled with fragile contents. You can wrap them with any materials you already have: bubble wrap, newspapers, towels, clothing or even socks. Alternatively, if you are hiring professionals in large cities like Melbourne, Tokyo, New York, ask your removal company for wrapping materials; some of them would provide wrappings with little or even free of charges.
  3. Kitchenware is not easily broken when packed side to side instead of stacking on top of each other.

Use what is available

  1. Cheap can be a priority for some people, especially for students who are moving house. Look for any large containers, bags, baskets before purchasing removal boxes. You’ll minimise the cost and trash of your move.
  2. Clothing can be moved in drawers or other storage places of furniture.

For more tips on house moving in Melbourne or other cities, keep checking our website for updates.