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Commercial Office Removalists Melbourne

We treat your business as our own. Office Moving is all about efficiency. Asky Moves is your best removal partner. Whether you’re moving your factory or your retail outlet or any large or mid size office,

Commercial Removals Business Relocation

At Asky Moves, relocating your office smoothly is our top priority. We provide secure, seamless, and stress-free office relocations in Melbourne. With over 28 years of experience relocating offices across Melbourne, we assure you of fast, convenient and affordable service.

We realise downtime equals lost income, and that’s unacceptable on our watch. Through careful planning, detailed logistics, and unmatched packing skills, we take care of your commercial move to perfection.

We Begin with an Inspection

We will assign a project manager who will complete a visual walk of your current premises. He will then take the time to listen to your requirements. This will help us identify the services you will require and the inventory to be moved. We will also take a look at the loading docks and understand elevator restrictions if any.

We Chart Out a Project Schedule

Based on the information collected by our project manager, our office removalists will chalk out a project schedule and the timeline. Whether the removal must be completed within a specific time frame or you have an urgent relocation request, we’ve got you covered.

We Create Floor Plans

A floor plan can make furniture placement easy and hassle-free. We simply map out the location of all office equipment, furniture, computers and telephones.

We Prepare a List of Tasks

Your project manager will identify and create a list of all the tasks that need to be carried out. He will also determine the sequence and duration of all the tasks with dates for every task, start dates, finish dates as well as assigned responsibilities.

We Execute the Office Removal

Once the move date has been set, our planning team will assign your removal crew and trucks.

The names of the commercial removalists will be provided along with the list of services that must be completed and when.

Our moving team will create a colour-coded inventory of all items. This facilitates efficient tracking and rearrangement of your new space. Every item from the current premises will be labelled to indicate its location in the new office or a designation for recycling, storage or disposal.

Final Check

Once all the items have been unpacked, we verify the setup and ensure all the unwanted materials and debris are removed.

Storage Services

Our storage facilities are conveniently located from the city, which allows for speedy access to the CBD. Security is a top priority at our premises, which offers ample space, top-class security systems, and cutting-edge sprinklers.

Designed with our customers in mind, our storage facilities offer a wide range of options to meet your budget and storage needs.

Why Choose Asky Moves for Office Removals

  • Office removal specialists.
  • 28 years of industry experience.
  • Fully accredited and insured service.
  • Experienced and expert removalists.
  • Affordable prices.
  • Modern equipment and trucks.
  • Friendly customer service.
  • Comprehensive service.
  • Organised, well-planned move for complete peace of mind.

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When you are looking for smooth, hassle-free and fully-managed office removal, contact Asky Moves. We are trusted removal specialists with proven expertise and years of experience.

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Service Rates of Commercial Removals

Trust Asky Moves for all your residential and commercial removals. The scale of our operations allows us to offer quality services at the cheapest price. Our quotes are the cheapest in Melbourne.

We confidently offer ‘Rolls Royce’ quality of service at these cheapest rates.


Business Relocation service Insurance

Asky Moves regards insurance as essential to ANY move. We carry public liability insurance of up to

$5,000,000. Quotes on all metropolitan Melbourne jobs include Goods in Transit insurance to the value of $50,000. Further cover can be arranged as needed.


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